You know how in certain movies and TV shows, the protagonist has a new identity and has to hide it from everyone [except his/her nearest and dearest]. That’s how I feel now days..except this is my real life, not some exciting TV show. After “becoming a librarian”, I went a little MIA in the library world to pursue other things and eventually art history. As of late late 2014, I have taking on various projects – some are reflective of my pre-existing interests [i.e. photography, charities, and libraries]  and new ones [i.e. autoimmune disease research, creating awareness, learning to run an organization, and writing]. With the output of all these new ideas and projects in only over half a year, I sometime struggle believe and accept that all this happening at once. It feels as if you look me up online, there will mysteriously no information on me prior to now [as librarians, we know that is impossible. lol].

I feel as if I have a new identity!


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