INTRODUCTORY POSTS: Being a Pseudo-Hamiltonian & HPL

Due to my health issues, I currently reside in Hamilton, Ont.  My family has been living here for nearly a decade while I have previously stayed here on and off for a year or two. I have never felt any attachment to this city until recently as I began to notice how the city and it’s businesses and organizations are trying to re-emerge in a similar way as me. There are issues [as there always will be] but I believe that both this city and I are taking a step forward the postive.

I have previously applied for positions Hamilton Public Library [HPL] but to be absolutely frank, it was not so much for the joys of working there but more so because I wanted a job. HPL is a fantastic library. Their teen section and selection were so cool that as a teenager when I used to visit my Hamiltonian friends, I would always want to go to the Central Branch [much to the dismay of my friends]. As I grew older, HPL began to feel bit outdated despite it’s progressive services and innovations. Others probably took notice of that and began the physical renovation project of branches, in particular the Central Branch. I am still not sure how I feel about the rather uncomfortable plastic chairs and the Apple store look. More recently, HPL is working on innovating their image, which is something I can not only relate to but am enjoying. They have a new logo [love it!], their FB and Twitter pages are awesome, and general promotion of programs and services have been great! More than their physical renovation, I am loving their digital one! This is the type change that the customers need!

I get inspired thinking of HPL’s changes because we are in places of re-emergence in our lives. With all the talks of libraries becoming “useless” in the digital world or books losing value, HPL is not only fighting that notion but showing the opposite is possible. Similarly, I am physically still ill but I am thriving as Ira and with the success of my organization, AIDAS! Therefore, unlike before when I just wanted to work at the library, I now want to be part of this re-emergence plan! Together can change this city!


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