PenchaKucha, which means “chit chat ” in Japanese is a presentation format where 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds).  The slides/images move automatically while the presenter speaks about his/her subject.

The presentation format was devised by architects, Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham Architecture.  The first PechaKucha Night was held in Tokyo in February, 2003 and has spread globally and virally.


  • Time restriction
  • Limited room for improvisation


  • Concise
  • Entertaining
  • Precision
  • Limits long-winded presentations
  • Focused

Helpful Links

LOVE! This is a helpful video – A Pecha Kucha about Pecha Kucha:

Official Website:

Helpful explanation of PenchaKuchu:

10 Tips to Create and Present PechaKucha:

Lars Sudmann, top leadership expert-  “3 things corporate leaders can learn from PechaKucha“:

PechaKucha: Tips, Resources, & Examples:


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