AUTHOR BIO: Bryan Lee O’Malley (Part 3)

***This is part 3 of a bio that wrote about Bryan Lee O’Malley (who is one my favorite artist/author) for a YA literature course. I share this because despite his fame, there is not too much info about him out there.*** 

Part 3: O’Malley & the Infinite Happiness The reviews for O’Malley’s first work, Lost at Sea, are primarily positive. Most readerbased comic review sites, like gave the book glowing reviews and recommended the title to other readers. At the same, some reviewers gave the title mixed reviews, such as McCabe who called the book “serious and touching” but also said that “It’s a shame that we aren’t given the chance to delve deeper into each of the other characters, as they embody a lot of the charm and spirit of the story. Instead they boarder on being two-dimensional, late-teen, hipster stereotypes” (McCabe). It should be noted that most of the reviews connect and/or compare Lost as Sea to Scott Pilgrim, even though Lost at Sea was published first. From the first title to the last, the Scott Pilgrim series has met glowing reviews from fans and critics alike. Hilary Goldstein, reviewer for IGN called herself “a dumb ass” for delaying read to the first volume, which she called “perhaps the coolest comics of the year. A New York Times review said: “Witty, self-aware dialogue and acute observational humor wink from the pages, and the result is an appealing, lighthearted account of a transitional period of life” (Yu). Along with the positive review, the series is part of many lists ranking great work or characters. For example, Publishers Weekly ranked the third volume, Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness, as one of the best comic books of 2006 in a critics’ poll. Kazi 4 Not a lot of scholarly research has been done on O’Malley’s work yet. One of the articles, which include O’Malley’s books is written by teacher librarian, Michele Gorman, who wrote, “Graphic Novels: Three is a Crowd! Love Triangles for Older Teens” for Teacher Librarian.


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