AUTHOR BIO: Bryan Lee O’Malley (Part 6)

***This is part 6 of a bio that wrote about Bryan Lee O’Malley (who is one my favorite artist/author) for a YA literature course. I share this because despite his fame, there is not too much info about him out there.*** 

Part 6: O’Malley’s Finest Hour

Any reader of the Scott Pilgrim series will notice the influence of music, whether as references (i.e. the character Young Neil) or the inclusion of couple of O”Malley’s original songs in the graphic novels. O’Malley’s description of his music: “Kupek is a band, and I am the only member of the band” (radiomaru). The band has been creating music since 2000 and released its first album in 2002, “This is Intolerable”, described Kupek as “ kind of a concept album about… BEING SAD” (ibid). As of now, the band has recorded seven albums that include remixes and original music. The unsigned band describes its music as “crunk/indie/powerpop” and allows free downloading of its music on O’Malley’s website (myspace).



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